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Table Cape Lookout and Lighthouse - North West Coast Tasmania - fantastic views and pure tranquility

Usually a lighthouse is near a lookout, but in this case they are just several hundred metres apart. We came through Wynyard and, acting on information from other CMCA friends Kay and Keith, turned right and headed 7 kms out of town. At the end of the road, we found a parking circle and several cars, none of which were occupied. A look around the headland soon showed why – the lighthouse across the way, complete with a cliff walk.


Regrettably it was cloudy, had been raining, so we decided it was time for a cuppa. The walkers returned and we were once again on our own. But Rex soon told me it was “walkie” time. So off we went, through the self-closing gate and down the track. Looking from the motorhome to the lighthouse, with the path in view, it had appeared fairly flat going. Indeed, heading to the lighthouse was easy going, mainly well-compacted gravel with the one length of bitumen. Over a small wooden bridge and lots of little wrens or tiny fan-tail type birds chirped and fluttered nearby. However, they stayed in the trees, so I couldn’t really identify them.


The coconut-hessian fabric was helping stop wash aways on the edge of the path and there were lots of large fleshy leafed plants. On the cliff side, lots of obviously weather hardy shrubs showed how the prevailing winds how shaped their growth. We soon reached the lighthouse, with Rex leading the way as always. There is a large dirt parking area surrounding the structure and yes, the lighthouse is still operational. From the photo, below you will see the sequence on which it operates.


The surrounding farmlands were a patchwork of newly tilled brown soil through to grassy green slopes and rows of small plants. A large dam reflected defoliated tree trunks. The whole atmosphere was very rural and totally peaceful – not another human in sight.

After a few obligatory photos, we headed back again. This time I know why the sign at the gate said “steep cliffs” – I figured out why one section was bitumen and heavily compacted gravel – it was steeper than I had anticipated.!!! Oh well, good aerobic exercise I kept telling myself. Several large seabirds landed in trees on the cliff side, providing a slight distraction. That section over, it was again easy walking and we could see our vehicle not far away.


The sun was trying to peep out from behind the clouds. So on return to the lookout, we took the little concrete path, down the stairs and captured a few more photos - this time of the cliff face and rocks below. There is a small plaque in the grass marking the life of Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869 to 1955) founder of the Alexander technique of human movement. He was born on a nearby property.


The town of Wynyard was across the bay, but in the mists. We did the usual CMCA thing of picking up other people’s rubbish – why folk have to dump bottles, takeaway food cartons, lighters etc – even over the railings near the cliffs - is beyond me. Excellent TV and phone reception but no other facilities other than a nice table with a superb view. Oh well, you can’t always win with weather, so this area will have to be marked down as one to come back to again when the sun is shining. In summary – a beautiful spot, peaceful and just so picturesque.

Absolutely recommended.

Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 54 D 5



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