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Smoko Ulladulla - South Coast - NSW

This is just about as picturesque as it gets! Sea, beach, harbour and cliff views all from the one spot. Ulladulla is right on the Princes Highway and we are parallel parked on the foreshore on the northern side of the shopping centre. The toilets are at the southern end about 200 metres away. No dogs allowed on the foreshore/beach. Good safe swimming a few steps from your door and lots of nice tables. The area is very clean.

Secluded beach near the headland

A local told us he had hewn all the stone in the Anglican Church just up the road and the 'offcuts' had been used in the breakwater right in front of us. A great place to stock up your supplies with a good supermarket - look for the IGA sign on the left travelling south and turn left into the car park - no level spots. Just opposite the car park is a Dolphin Car Wash. This is a similar set up to Carlovers where you get to squirt water and detergent all over your rig with a Karcher like gadget. Great if you've just come off the dirt like we had! Cost goes by time and it was only $3 which we thought was reasonable considering the amount of mud we had underneath. Clearance is NOT marked - we had a foot to spare and took it real easy!

The foreshore near the town
Rest area on the hill

Coles is in Borree Street which runs paralel with the highway on the western side - again absolutely no signage. Parking is dreadful as it is all underground with 2 metres clearance. Out on the street is all "leaning Tower of Pisa" stuff as it's all on a steep hillside. There is a small all day area just north of Coles on the same side of the road. This is fairly level.

A pretty spot on the hill
Delightful smoko spot

If this smoko spot is totally full you might like to try turning right halfway up the hill heading north and this leads to another hilltop area. There is a very nice cultural walk up there as well. The boat launching ramp is another option. Camps Australia Wide says you can camp on the foreshore and we saw zero signs to the contrary - a great spot, but it is next to the highway, but oh so pretty at night. If you head towards the waterfront at the only set of traffic lights you will come to a huge parking lot. The dreaded "No Alcohol" signs are up, but lots of motorhomers do overnight here and those we spoke with had had no problems. Some look like they have been there for weeks! There is a very hard to spot concealed water tap in front of the Volunteer Coastal Patrol building in a garden - large fitting with toilets nearby. All the sites are level and adjacent to three fish shops! You can't go wrong! Paradise! Absolutely recommended!

Bob & Chrissy Eustace

Hema 31 D12


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