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Wallaga Lake Far South Coast - NSW

This truly is just about as good as it gets! We are on Tourist Road 8 a little bit north of Moruya on the Far South Coast of NSW and only a couple of k's off the highway, but we truly are in picture postcard territory. Reflections everywhere on the still lakes, fishermen, pelicans and the quaintest little white bridge, all add up to a perfect spot - photographers paradise no less!

What is it about campsites on lovely lakes?
It's only 7AM but the fishermaen are all hard at it!

It has a good sized tarred parking area with some level spots. OK for large rigs if no one else is already there. Very nice brick flushing toilets and lots of tables in a large grassy area. There is no water tap for tank filling. There are no signs saying no camping despite three caravan parks only 3 kms up the road. You'll get the best pictures by crossing the bridge and going up the hill a little. Telstra GSM works fine. A few tyre donuts on the bitumen, but we saw no hoons there ourselves.

Gorgeous bridge over Lake Wallaga

We met a family out from Sweden in a Brits motorhome having breakfast looking out over this peaceful scene. They had overnighed here and we added this spot to our list as we had just spent a quite noisy night at the Moruya Airport, but that's another story.

Four Swede's enjoying Australia to the fullest!
Don't think they know you must keep your fridge level!

The photos were all taken early in the morning - we just loved the place and it should be quiet at night. No shops nearby unless you have bought your smoko back in Moruya. This spot is not mentioned in any of the camping guides we have at present. Absolutely recommended!

Bob & Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 31 F11


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