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Electrically Motorising a Dahon Folding Bike
by Jim Vick

The Dahon folding bike is an excellent product but a motorised version is not currently available. There are several motorising kits on the market with most of them using an external motor - see Oatley Electronics for the cheapest versions.

The whole kit was $1000, but worth every cent. Have only been on one reasonable run so far for about 1 hour, half pedal half power and was still showing full charge. Bloke that sold it to me said he set one kit up on his bike and rode it flat out for 1 hour without pedaling at all. He said probably 50 or 60 Ks with pedal assist. Top speed with 20 inch wheel about 25 K per hour, but lots of torque. My wife Kay passed me going up hill at 25 without pedaling. Same motor in 26 inch wheel over 35 Ks, but not so much torque. Big price is for lithium ion battery, only 3.5 KG for 9.5 amp hour against 13 Kg for lead acid of same capacity. Setting it up is a bit of a trick, as kit is designed to suit normal bike with bar, but folding bike is built differently and none of cables were long enough. So I had to do a redesign, but all worked out OK. Here is the Email address of the fella I bought it off -

Dale Monger and web page address


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