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Clever Lemaire Washing Machine Installation with Rear Bed Winnebago 2002/2005
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Many Winnebago owners who have come to our Washing Machine Seminars at Casino Village simply gave up on this model. However clever Ron refused to give up and here is his story. If you are new to Lemaire it is a good move to read this huge page before stating this project as we haven't repeated all the fine detail here.

Ron shows us his secret in the photo above. The sink has been raised to elbow height. Now this isn't as daft as one might first think. It stops water spilling all over the place when guys wash their faces! This job could be improved by buying a thru the top cable plug from Ikea and passing the 3 pin plug through behind the taps. This fitting has an insert plug as well making a very neat installation. The machine is not bolted down at all. You may like to use timber coloured trim instead of Ron's choice of white. You can get this from Don in Winnebago Spares at Emu Plains (grain finish) or a less posh one from Camec - plain brown. Some Bunnings stores also have this - $7.00.

The 40 mm drain pipe did not have to be relocated making this job an absolute breeze compared with some models. The shelves and front door was removed. All these materials were reused and bits of the front were used to make another cupboard near the front door.

The "P" trap was replaced with the new Caroma dish washer unit. The mains was fitted into the existing sink supply using a John Guest Tee. Ron being a perfectionist fitted an isolating cock. This in our view is not 100% necessary but the ultimate would be to use a John Guest cock as this would minimise potential leak points.

Ron raised up the front entry cupboard and used the bathroom cabinet bits. As this was narrower it made a perfect spot for the Engel Freezer - easy access to the front cab was maintained. In the photo above right Ron is standing up and "washing" his face. It works a treat and still maintains that "factory built" look - so important when it comes time to sell. Congratulations Pat and Ron - a fantastic job that will certainly get you lots of imitators. Ron and Pat are on the road full time and told us they couldn't exist without the little Lemaire. Pat said she washes everyday provided water is available. This is an ideal project for those with medium DIY skills as no electrical or drainage skills are required.

Bob & Chrissy Eustace


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