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The Cheapest Possible Way of Getting Into a Wind Out Awning - Looks Good Too!

Well it had to happen one day - the Chinese have started copying the highly priced awnings. This one is best described as an "inside out Fiamma". We say this because the roller is always right next to the RV - the opposite to just about all other awnings. Before we start it should be pointed out that as supplied this product has a few little problems. The most major is no "patio" type arms. This would not be a problem for anyone mechanical, as tent poles could easily be adapted. The young lass sort of solved the problem by using tie downs.

The construction otherwise is quite good and well thought out. The winding mechanism is a very well made Fiamma copy. The extending arms, are once again almost 100% Fiamma. The awning does NOT seal against the side of the RV. Everything is supported on a 25 X 25 tube. Another drawback not really clear in the photographs is the "flap" when retracted. It hangs down, as it doesn't go fully onto the roller. On this vehicle - an old Hi Ace it wasn't a problem here, as it was pretty slow, however on say a Mercedes Sprinter things could get a bit iffy at 120 KPH. We have saved the best till last - the price! This one was bought on special at $199.00 - pretty amazing stuff! (Jan 2005) Normal price is $249.00. Available from The Warehouse 124 stores Australia wide. This one came from Kawana Waters on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It does come in one other colour, however when we enquired the staff couldn't remember the other colour. They just about sold out instantly as most of the motorhomers at the 2005 Buddina School Xmas fortnight went and checked them out, and bought up big time! Motorhomers are experts at sniffing out a real bargain.

TIP: Be quick if you want one of these, as despite being New Zealand's biggest retailer, they have hinted at closing down in Australia if they don't show a profit by 2006 - lost $11.9 million so far. More info on this page. We suggest you don't bother trying to find this item on their Website, as it is absolutely dreadful and totally useless for research. On current specials we even got a 401 error and this was called "the new an improved brochure".


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