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Fitting A Solid Ceiling in a Coaster Conversion

At the outset relining the entire ceiling in a Coaster seems a huge and daunting task. In actual fact it makes other tasks a breeze. For instance it greatly simplifies attaching overhead cupboards as it is just so easy to locate attachment points. Anyone who has "felt" along the roof trying to find those elusive cross frames knows where we are coming from! The entire ceiling lining is removed. Furring strips are then attached using metal screws. Insulation foam is then glued into place - no need to apply that unsightly heat paint to the outside. The melamine 3mm to 4mm thick is then screwed into place. Self adhesive cover strip is then applied over the exposed joints. A huge advantage with this system is that the inside of overhead lockers is smooth ply with only two joins. Overall it looks fantastic and gives a wonderful airy and spacious feeling. More information on these pages.





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