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Dick Smith Digital Set Top Box Under $100.00
Model G7659

Let's cut to the chase straight away with this review. This model in our view is just not suitable for RV use as the tuner is just not sensitive enough. Compared with the top of the line Dick Smith Standard Definition G7659, it is a very disappointing product. It is actually a rebadged TEAC. So why are we doing this review? Well sadly many RVers have bought one and with the price coming down even more many could be tempted to "save money"!! Our testing is not at all scientific. We simply plug in the larger unit and note the signal strength and channels received. We then plug in the TEAC and note the same. The G7659 brings in all channels in Brisbane and even the Gold Coast. The TEAC was hopeless on all channels and badly effected by rain. However, hooked up to a top aerial on a system giving top analogue it works great. What we ae saying here is it can give good service in your home but would be hopeless on the road.









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