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Oyster Self Seeking Satellite Aerial - Super Cool!

We spotted this fantastic state of the art satellite TV aerial on a magnificent 33 foot Dryden Trailer Home. It is fascinating to watch it self seek. It rotates 360 degrees then stops, alters the angle about 5 degrees and then rotates again. It keeps doing this until it receives a strong signal and then locks. The remote control for this aerial is shown below right.

Both the photos below show the unit stored ready for travel. Length wise it takes less room than a standard Winegard aerial but it is a lot wider as it uses a large dish. We liked the fact that the unit folded very flat safe from overhead hazards. Expect to pay around $6,500.00. Obviously this could come down in the future as it is an emerging technology. In the USA there is a model under a dome that can be used on the move!



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