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Through the Wall 180 Degree
Swivelling Plasma TV
Dryden Trailer Homes

This is an absolutely brilliant solution to the tricky problem of how to view TV from outside your RV. Now Paradise Motorhomes partly solved the problem on their fantastic Liberation unit by swivelling it out through the doorway. The clever designers at Dryden Trailers came up with an even better idea. The photo below left shows the 42" plasma screen from inside the 5th wheeler. The photo below right shows the TV after turning through 180 degrees (or anything in between) so that you can watch TV under the awning. Anyone owning one of these on footy final nights would instantly become the most popular camper! This set up by the way has a $6,500.00 auto tracking satellite TV aerial. Now the unit was NOT FINISHED when these photos were taken - watch this page for future updates.

UPDATE 2/11/04

Well we are totally gob smacked! This is simply the most awesome entertainment centre we have ever come across in ANY RV regardless of cost including any unit from the USA.

Since our first visit a very neat sliding shutter has been added. The idea behind this is to stop insects entering the RV at night when watching from outside.

The photo above left shows the DVD unit - complete with surround sound. The photo above right shows factory manager Paul Van Leeuwin swivelling the unit for outside viewing. Note the "extra" CD player with its own speakers as well. This unit certainly cover all the bases and the sound is absolutely sensational. The photo below right show the SELF SEEKING Oyster satellite dish. No expense has been spared here in the best Australian built 5th wheeler we have ever come across.



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