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Easy Ways to Set Up Satellite Aerials
Photographed at the Casino Village Resort

The set up pictured below belongs to Judy and Vince Moran. On the road it clamps onto the bull bar. Quick and easy to set up using a satellite finder. Both the systems shown below are entry level. If you want more sophistication you need to look at Campersat for tuning from inside the RV (not automatic) or Oyster for auto seeking.

This is a similar set up. Notice the Winegard up at the same time. This particular location yields incredibly clear TV pictures - Casino Village. The photos below belong to Vic and Lyn from Port Macquarie NSW who purchased this particular unit in Katherine because they were getting very poor reception. The dish and set cost only $500 from John's Electronics in Katherine in the Northern Territory. So you can see that you don't have to spend mega bucks to get a perfect picture! Vic told us he only had the satellite turned on at Casino to see how it performed on the East Coast.

The photo below shows the Humus decoder and the Philips wide screen LCD television. All in all a very good set up at a very affordable price when you consider that an installed Winegard antenna now costs over $600.00 from most motorhome dealers!



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