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Flame Out Monitor for Hot Water and Gas Fridges A Fantastic Concept!

There's no doubt about it that this invention by David and Margaret of Casino Village is very much needed in the RV industry. It has no commercial counterpart in Australia. What it does is monitor the PILOT flame on the hot water service and the gas refrigerator. The control panel is located on the front of the fridge. It is designed so that if you are using only one appliance you can easily turn the other one off. This is clearly indicated by highly visible pilot lights. If there is an error a red light flashes. In alarm a red light flashes and there is an audible hiss.

The photo shown below left shows the sensor as mounted on a Suburban hot water service fitted to a Winnebago Leisure Seeker. The photo below right shows a sensor fitted to an Electrolux 3 way fridge. The red tape is actually a heat proof product. All that is stopping the commercial development of this wonderful idea is the difficulty in finding economically viable sensors.



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