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Fitted Security Screen Door and Screens
Fuso Conversion

This would have to be absolutely the best security door we have ever come across fitted to a Fuso. What sets it apart is the way it follows the curvature of the Fuso body. The frame is conventional security door section and the screen is stainless steel Crimsafe type. The door fitting is the very easy to source Whitco - same as the one fitted to the excellent Roamsafe doors found on many Winnebagos.

The window treatment also looked 101% as they blended in perfectly with the tinted windows. It was believe it or not simply heavy duty black shade cloth. It really looked the business! Unbelievably the complete cost for the whole bus was only $500.00! Murray Arnold did his own conversion and he can be contacted on (07) 5597 0477. There is more info on this superb conversion on the Reviews page.


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