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Tank Level Monitoring Gauge - Even Measures Gas in % Full - No Contact With Fluids

Garnet Instruments in Canada have come up with a totally new way of accurately measuring tank contents. This is displayed in % full of the tank. The sensors are mounted outside the tank and work by measuring capacitance. Present systems use conductivity and work inside the tank. This new system provides an outstanding balance between low cost and full features. Instead of single points that give you only a close approximation of how full your tanks are this system offers a continuous level and shows an actual number, in percent of full. Switches and monitoring LED's are provided for the water pump and heater as well as a Pilot Out indicator. A version without switches is available for lower end RV models.

Each system comes with Garnet's proprietary externally mounted tank sensors for your fresh water, grey water, and black water tanks. With nothing inside the tank all the usual problems of corrosion and clogging are eliminated. Individual sensors can measure tanks up to 12 inches tall. For taller tanks two sensors can be stacked, up to 24 inches in height. The system has been designed for easy installation using your existing wiring.

You can buy online from Texas USA on the Garnet site. Cost for the model shown below is US$235.00 and includes three sensors, but NOT the LPG sender. This makes the unit extremely good value considering all the tasks it does. We particularly like the flame out detector. Great for those with a gas fridge!


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