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Illegal Gas Device in Same Compartment as an Inverter

Believe it or not this is in a commercially made motorhome in 2004! So what's wrong? First up we have a Dometic 2553 gas/electric fridge mounted far too far forward to work correctly (the air cannot pass through the fins). Next we have an inverter in the SAME compartment as a gas operated appliance. Then to top it off we have the condensation drain from the fridge dumping water directly on top of the inverter (see the black hose coming out of the small tank in the LHS photo). One can only ask - what was this manufacturer thinking of?? The same vehicle had strong gas smells coming from under the vehicle (using 9 kg in 4 days with nothing running, just cooking and daily hot water). After our visit a gas technician spent 1 1/2 hours checking it out - the leak was so strong that bubbles did not form! Almost all fittings needed tightening up. Interestingly there were no compliance plates and the brand new unit was supplied without a gas certificate. The gas compartment had no venturi vent in the bottom.

Gas Code AG 601 -

Rule (g)...

(g)..Have a drain in the base which has a minimum diameter of 25 mm and terminates at a point that faces away from the forward direction of travel of the RV and is directed and away from and etc.

One can only ponder if this motorhome was ever inspected?


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