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Motorhomers would have to be the most creative and innovative people going! Don't be put off by the name - this section endeavours to bring all technical topics down to an easy to understand level and includes all minor modifications as well as hundreds of brilliant unique ideas. We welcome all contributions - simply send us an email preferably with photos to Emails from anyone disagreeing with comments in this section will be published as well as comments from manufacturers. To navigate this section click on the "copper" button on the left. This brings up a sub-menu with a list of articles on that subject. Click on the item that interests you. To return to this page use the "Take me back" buttons at the bottom of each page. Items added since the last update email newsletter will be marked as "New". The DIY section covers major projects in minute detail. To receive an email notice of updates just click on the "Subscribe" button. You can safely bookmark anything on this entire site as the location will not change as the site grows. If you are a regular visitor to this site, you can easily check on the latest updates by clicking here.


Batteries - Battery Chargers - Converters
Bike Racks - Boat Racks - Surf Board Racks
Chassis - Wheels - Tyres - Jerry Cans - Fuel
Communications - HF Radio - UHF - CB - All Phones
Computers on the Move
Cooking - Kitchen Equipment - BBQs - Cookers - Chairs
Digital Photography
Gas - Detectors - Bottles - Lighters - Mounting
Hino Rainbow Owner Innovations  
Inverters - Portable Power Supplies
Mechanical - Motors - Radiators - Air Intakes - Exhausts
Mercedes Sprinter Owner Innovations
Motorbike Racks
Roofs - Walls - Floors - Insulation
Slide On Ideas and Innovations - all brands
Storage External - Baggage Boxes - Pole Carriers
Storage Internal - Ironing Boards Cupboards - Furniture
Sunliner Owner Innovations
Tow Bars - A-Frames - Gypsies - Dollies - Winches
Toilets - Black Water - Eco Systems - Valves - Cocks
Vents - Hatches - Fans
Water - Filters - Pumps - Hose Systems - Gauges
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Winnebago Owner Innovations

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