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Decreasing Fuel Consumption on an Isuzu
by an Amazing 33%!

Ian Derrick from Cabarita in Northern NSW was totally gob smacked after fitting this simple air intake to his Isuzu. All materials used were purchased from Bunnings. The photo below left shows the forward air intake. You need to fit a gauze screen across the front. This is held on with a large worm drive clip.


The photo below left shows the connection point used to link onto the existing system. Ian used silicone to attach the PVC pipe to the plastic filter. The photo below right shows the pipe underneath the Luton Peak. Ian suggests that you DON'T use round pipe as it is extremely difficult to stop it rattling.


Ian told us that Bunnings now have a "leaf interceptor" and this fits straight onto the rectangular tube and already has the gauze fitted. Ian said that after fitting his range went from 600 to 900 kms per tank. You can email Ian for more info on for more info on this project.



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