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Pregnant Batteries - Result of Overcharging!


When your batteries get the "pregnant look" they are absolutely beyond salvaging. In this case the owner added over 2 litres of distilled water! He felt that the built in Honda generator was at fault as they boiled dry. The batteries were not mounted on a slide making checking a real chore as you had to remove lots of bits and bobs from a shelf. This has added safety problems as you place your head over the batteries in an enclosed space. The vehicle had no voltage gauges inside the coach. We use the same method as advocated by master coach converter Ronny Penfold. Become a "power perv" and look at the voltage every few minutes. Make certain that the gauge is in a prominent position. Had this been done in this case, any problem (other than low/no water) could have been detected. We also came across this in a Coaster conversion using a PL20. The convertor had installed the PL20 incorrectly, resulting in full solar voltage (19+ volts!!!!!!) going straight to the batteries. These were Trojans and rather amazingly they still sort of worked, even though they were even more pregnant that the American batteries shown below.


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