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Shower/Toilet/Wardrobe Combination
In a Whizz Bang

This idea was the overall Champion in the CMCA Innovations Awards for 2005. This entry by Bobbie Fiedler certainly inspired all three judges as something that could certainly transform smaller "pop top whizz bangs" into a mini motorhome. It also slotted in well with the current CMCA self containment initiative. Some might not call it an "invention" but more thinking outside the square. As we all know there is zero spare space inside a whizz bang. Bobby gained space by swivelling both front seats and installing a table right next to the dashboard. Next she had a long cabinet built that doubles as a shower/toilet and wardrobe. Space was gained by using the area in the roof. So in using the shower your head is actually in free air above the "wardrobe". We liked the attention to detail and very neat Lamipanel lining to provide long term waterproofing. When not in use as a shower all clothes are stored in a zipped plastic bag making total drying of the area non critical. A well deserved winner. Incidentally Bobby designed the complete campervan and then supervised the build. Bobby's name will be engraved on the Innovations Award trophy.


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