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How to Get All That Gunge
Out of Your Thetford Toilet
The Low Cost Easy Way

Sediment build up inside your Thetford cassette toilet will eventually cause the slides etc. to jam. It can even build up in the spout and cap. Thankfully it's very easy to control. Every couple of months of continuous use on the road, empty and rinse and drop in 2 tins of McKenzies Citric Acid. You find this in supermarkets in the cooking section. It is very cheap at around $1.80. Fill the cassette right to the top of the filler. Try and leave for a week if possible. Empty out and rinse. You will be absolutely amazed at what comes out! The residue has no smell as it is a rock like substance and not at all greasy or slimy as one would expect. If you have a Karcher, using it on fairly low pressure will get rid of every last bit of gunge. You know you've done a good job when all the black plastic bits shine again! The photo below left shows a small amount of gunk removed - it just fell out with no help from us! The photo below right shows what citric acid looks like and shows how clean the seals become with very little effort.



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