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Low Cost Method to Mount an LCD TV Screen - John Hall - Around $30.00

John and Lorraine Hall have come up with a fantastically simple way to mount an LCD TV economically. At present buying a commercial mounting can cost up to $300 - not a misprint! Even when you spend all that money there seems to be zero standards for hole centres, so you still may not get a top installation. John simply went out and bought any TV mount (under $30.00) - Bunnings etc. However, instead of mounting it vertically on a wall as intended, he placed it horizontally. This solved two problems. First you can drill the holes exactly right and secondly you get to solve the big problem associated with most first generation LCD TVs - the screen goes dark when viewed away from the horizontal. Simply turning the adjustment knob alters the vertical viewing angle. The photo below was taken in a Winnebago Free Spirit and the set was mounted on top of a cupboard. The installation allowed viewing from the dinette, the sofa and from the cab over bed. This would be a wonderful idea for Winnebago to offer as an option on this model.


Camec in Brisbane are now stocking a comprehensive range of wall mounts including one for placing a unit flush against the wall. These range in price from $70.00 to $108.00. Please note that they will NOT fit the popular LG models.



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