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Easy Water Filling Adaptors

This area causes a lot of confusion as most motorhomes and caravans use the Whale Pressure Reducing Inlet. A beautifully made, and very reliable unit, except that it uses American pipe thread. In Australia the standard is British pipe (BSP). Consequently, if you force screw these two together it will always leak slightly. The gadgets shown below solve this problem. Both are available from spares outlet and from Don at Winnebago Spares in Emu Plains NSW. The one shown on the right below is the easiest to use. You can if you wish leave the fitting in the pressure reducer, but be aware that it does protrude about 35mm. Water does not flow back out through this fitting. If it does you must replace your pressure reducer. Before connecting up to mains pressure and leaving your van, you really need to check that nothing is leaking. If unsure don't do it! Yes folks, we have been caught on two different RVs and now NEVER connect up to mains, but simply top up our water tank every couple of days. However the majority of motorhomers do connect up to the mains so you take your chances.

The fittings below use a totally different method. It clamps onto the end of your hose. These seem to work best if you make up a short adaptor hose with a conventional hose fitting on one end. If you don't do this it is very difficult to fill your water tanks with the same hose.


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