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Fitting a Central Fluro to a Winnebago

For some odd reason most Winnebagos do not have any lights at all in the centre of the ceiling. This means in some RVs you cannot see in the cupboards and it makes playing board games or working on the table hard on the eyes. We came across this mod at Casino Village. Margaret and David lashed out on a top quality fluro and fitted it to the ceiling near a Fiamma vent. Now getting power to the light is the tricky bit as the ceiling is a sandwich of solid foam insulation and plywood. David carefully drilled a 2" hole in the ceiling under the light. He drilled another inside the cupboard - see photo below right. Next a sharpened and straightened metal coat hanger was used to push a hole through the foam just under the ceiling plywood. This we were told is a slow painstaking job! The wires were then hooked up to the existing 12 volt supply. If you don't know how to locate 12 volt in Winnebagos there are some pictures on this page.


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