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Eaglehawk Holiday Park
Best Park in Canberra for Those Travelling With Pets - Absolutely Excellent!

The options are extremely bad for visiting Canberra with a dog in tow. Queanbeyan is good, but a long way out for an extended stay and of course there is the Exhibition Ground - see Camps Australia Wide. This is not always available due to other commitments. Yes, we normally stay there, but on this occasion 5,000 Ulysses Motor Cycle Club members were holding their AGM over a week and you just couldn't find a solitary spot to park or camp. We used to think that a CMCA motorhome rally of 1300 units was huge - we had to totally revise our "small" thinking! Totally gob smacking stuff. We rang the very helpful manager at Queanbeyan Riverside who couldn't help us, BUT he very kindly put us onto the Eaglehawk Holiday Park. Don't know about you guys, but this kind of help is always remembered and we will try and patronise his park in the future.


We try not to preach on this site, but please forgive us if we say that you need at least a week in Canberra. There is just so much to see it is positively awesome! Many attractions are free. Try to go when Parliament is sitting - much better than watching it on TV. We timed our visit to coincide with Birthday Week and the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival. If you go there at this time please try not to miss take off time at about 6 AM. Try your UHF on scan - you pick up some interesting comments! The photo below left was taken beside Lake Burley Griffin - 12 minutes away.


Despite dozens of visits to Canberra over the years we had never come across Eagle Hawk before as you can't actually see it from the highway. However, we are now lifetime converts, as it is so very convenient to all the attractions (only if you have a vehicle though - no buses at all) Very friendly reception and very good tourist info provided by the ever helpful Julie. During our visit Canberra was in severe drought - you couldn't even fill up with water in servos any more. In fact the only taps we found were near the Aboriginal Embassy and on the foreshore at Yarralumla. Eaglehawk is just over the border in NSW and the water main doesn't pass the front door. They have to buy a semi trailer load of water each day. Some how or other they are absorbing this huge cost as their tariff is very competitive. Sadly we saw a very inconsiderate 5th wheeler fill up with about 800 litres of water despite several signs.


Vern and Jan in their new 5th wheeler bought a Lemaire washing machine whilst in Canberra. They are members of the rapidly expanding Fifth Whelers Network Inc. Some new ensuite sites currently are being developed and they are working on improving the drive through sites. We read a review criticising the ensuite sites as being poorly laid out. Gosh they are on the side of a hill so there really aren't a big heap of options. We have managed parks so we are possible more aware than most unless of course Alzheimer's (old timers) has seen us forget everything! Most sites have power, water and sullage. Some sites have concrete annex pads. Lots of intelligently selected, drought resistant shrubs have been planted. Bearing in mind the drought conditions and water problems they are truly doing a magnificent job in bringing this park together. Fantastic camp kitchen and some quaint "railway carriage" bunk houses all very tastefully done.


Very modern, spotlessly clean, all brick amenities. Quite a good laundry and lots of outside lines. Now we just had to put the photo below in. Owned by a lovely young lass - we just loved the little herb garden. Our first caravan was of course a fibreglass Sunliner so we have a soft spot for these "collectors" vans. Now bike riding here is just awful! What we did was slip into town and then ride around Lake Burley Griffin - about as scenic as it gets particularly when you see 60 hot air balloons rising up from the lawn in front of Old Parliament House. Just gives you goose bumps and all totally free toooooooooo!


CDMA, Aircards, GSM work fine. The water tastes OK. TV is marginal, but could possibly be OK on digital - we didn't test this but will the next time round. No Internet on site as yet. Good shopping right next door, excellent servo, great pub with a wonderful bistro if you would like a break from cooking. Noise wise this park is excellent. Yes you can sometimes hear trucks chugging up the long hill but only when the wind is blowing.


Now the interesting vehicle sleeps a huge 27 people! Totally unbelievable. It is camped on a huge open camping area - great if you want to get away from the crowds. Lots of green grass in this area despite the drought. Now we really shouldn't comment on this, but the star system is in the limelight at present. We felt that the 3 1/2 awarded is pretty well spot on.


Finding this park is easy by Canberra standards! Just leave Canberra on the Federal Highway, heading towards Sydney. The park is just over the border in NSW - about 12 minutes up a long slow hill. The Eaglehawk off ramp is clearly sign posted on the left. Phone contact is - (02) 6241 6411, and email address is Their is a small website. We felt that $24 for a powered site was very reasonable. (April 2005) You can camp on the grass as shown above for $17.00. We take a more tolerant attitude towards parks doing it tough and Eaglehawk is really trying to provide good value facilities. Overall, despite a few very minor niggles, this is an excellent, well managed park - particularly the spotless amenities. We will definitely be back, as the ever friendly management are really trying to make this park a success despite having a huge water problem!

Absolutely recommended

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