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Horsham Caravan Park - Lovely Relaxed Camping on the Wimmera River
Excellent Management!

Wow! What a fantastic riverside caravan park. A wonderful spot for newbies as this is just about as good as it gets! Despite the current drought the park was still very appealing and scenic being right next door to the Botanic Gardens.


Tons of shade if needed and even ensuite sites for those without onboard facilities. It is truly is bike riders/walkers paradise, as the bitumen bike path passes right in front of the park. You can cycle or walk for miles and miles in either direction.


Sawyer Park is right next door and is great for walking the pooch! Doggy bag dispensers are plentyful and we saw very little mess. Horsham is a very clean city and the CBD is an easy walk from the caravan park straight up Firebrace Street..


Reception is also a small kiosk carrying the basics. Yes it is a council owned park, but it is privately managed. CDMA and GSM work perfectly. Water is good with sullage to all sites. TV works brilliantly.


The care put into maintaining the amenities is visible everywhere you look and the photos simply don't do the fantastic effort put in by the ultra friendly managers Judy and Doc Johanson. Wonderful laundry with hot water to the sinks for washing small batches. A great little library is also provided.


The lovely spot shown below is an easy walk from the park. Just follow the bike tracks. Accolades of praise to Horsham City Council for all the thought and effort put into providing such excellent pathways for the benefit of all. It is paying off as they are really well utilised by locals and tourists. They will certainly bring us back, time and time again. Great to see council's putting in dump points. This one is fantastic, as it caters for big rigs as well as cassettes. It even has a length of flushing hose and really good instructions for "newbies". Talking about big rigs - they can be accomadated in non busy times. One site even has a sewerage connection.


We were lucky to find this place. We rang the Wimmera Lakes Park, and they advised us that they didn't take dogs. We asked if the other park in town accepted them and we were told very curtly "no". A little bit naughty, as Horsham obviously did take dogs! Below left shows hard working Judy beavering away at the computer! Bev and Sam Cropper caught up with some washing chores before the 2005 Horsham Motorhome Rally.


Contact details - 188 Firebrace Street, Horsham, Vic. 3400 - (03) 5381 1222 - email And at $22.00 per night you just can't go wrong (CMCA rate) We truly can't speak highly enough on this park. Unlike others, Horsham does not charge a premium rate for riverside sites.

Absolutely recommended

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