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Moss Vale Village Park
Southern Highlands - NSW
Nice and Quiet in Garden Surroundings

Moss Vale is around 11 kms off the extremely busy Hume Highway, so it is just the place to unwind if you have been on the dreaded Highway 31 all day. It is one of the rare urban parks where you can relax in extensive garden surroundings. Nice friendly check in and you get to park wherever you want. A nice touch for motorhomers is the "Reserved" signs for when you go out for the day. Initial impressions are extremely good, as the entrance is huge with lots of parking when checking in. A shame this is a little bit spoilt as you come round the corner and are confronted with a Hills Hoist in front of the managers residence! A daft location for a clothes line. Lots of trees and acres of lovely green grass - all very well kept.


The camp kitchen/BBQ is really good and well used by visitors - even has a fridge for campers. Nice brick amenity blocks complete with dryers and soap - all nice and clean as can be seen in the photo. ($2.40 washing and $2.00 for 15 minutes drying - irons from the office) We found it rather odd that the amenities were kept locked in view of the distance away from the main road. There is a $10.00 key deposit. This was waived in our case as we were leaving early - nice people. No dump point and no tap in the toilets suitable for flushing a cassette. This does need to be looked at, as so many motorhomes now have their own toilet and it is much more hygienic for everyone if porta potties are emptied outside. Caravan parks in general are sadly falling behind in this vital area, whilst local councils and show grounds are really leading the way. There is a very nice kiddies playground and a small mini golf. We loved the delightful aviary. The sullage connection method was quite good - simply a 100mm pipe beside the slab. Great for those with short hoses. Now on the other hand the water tap situation was extremely poor. Each site did not have its own tap, making life quite hard if your neighbour left his hose permanently connected. If you had a long hose then it could get "run over" by a neighbours vehicle or van.


Now a similar but far more serious problem exists with the electrical connection on some sites. Leads have to be run ACROSS neighbouring drive through sites. Leads just don't last under these conditions and you end up getting arcing inside the insulation in this can lead to active going to earth (always use a tester at every hook up). We have seen this many, many times. Still on safety, the slabs are extremely poorly finished due to being raised above the ground level. Some have very large drops. One could easily fall over on exiting the RV. The lawn needs to be raised up to the same level as the slabs - a pretty simple fix. Remember that this is billed as a 4 star park and quite simply should not have these basic problems.


Still on safety the photo below shows how close the trees go to wrecking your roof. All sites need to have a 3.5 metre clearance. It can cost $6,000 to replace a rubber RV roof and we had a lot of troubles finding a site with clearance and not an impossible entry angle on the slab. The guide book says suitable for motorhomes up to 15 metres. To us this is extremely optimistic, so those with a long vehicle should really do a walk before trying to park. This village type park has made a huge attempt to separate the tourists from the permanents and there is a sign warning tourists to keep out of the permanents area. We have to ask "Is the name Top Tourist park a "misnomer"? Look at the photo above left. Are these permanents or what? Sort of separate permanents? Below left is a shot of the excellent park entry at check in.


Noise wise this park is extremely well managed and it is blissfully peaceful at night. Yes, you do get the odd train (a fair distance away) but traffic noise is zero! GSM and CDMA worked great. Nice water and fair TV. Shopping is close - 300 metres to the left. RSL is only a 5 minute walk. You can walk or ride to town, but there are a few hills. Not a wonderful bike riding area unless you are very fit. We could get their Website to come up - email Phone (02) 4868 1099. We paid a very reasonable $21.00 for a powered site in May 2005. We would definitely return simply because of the guaranteed good nights sleep, the doggie friendliness and the uncluttered gardens!

Absolutely recommended

Hema 30 B 6

GPS S34 33.210 E150 21.579


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