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Wangaratta Caravan & Tourist Park
Suitable for an Overnight Only - Dog Friendly

The sign out the front says "4 Stars RACV - A Tranquil Hideaway". Well if there was ever a park that didn't live up to the star rating, this is it! Check in was "surly, unfriendly and unhelpful". They wont for instance accept credit cards for purchases under 3 nights. Access to the park is absolutely atrocious for high vehicles. It is extremely difficult to even work out where to turn in, then when you do, the overhanging trees make it seem like you have made a boo boo until you glimpse the office emerging from the overhanging trees! Zero help is given with siting. The boom gate has a huge tree on the exit side making it only suitable for whizz bangs. The only way for a motorhome or high caravan to exit is on the wrong side of the road. Sites are no where near level and for some odd reason the only level sites are never used - male end of amenities. Look we are not being unreasonable here as this is a very old park and these problems should have been corrected years ago. Yes they do accept dogs!


There is a separate huge section for permanents (very run down) but to our dismay we found that this is not true as they live in the "tourist" cottages as well. At 2:15AM a right ding dong broke out right near us. TV reception was the worst we have ever come across in a regional city with no digital available. Lots of highway noise and trains run just about on the hour all night. Water and sullage to most sites, BUT BEWARE, most sites are NOT suitable height wise for motorhomes - so look up or you will be spending $5,000 on a new roof!


Walking and bike riding are just not on at this side of Wangaratta. Maybe we arrived a bit disgruntled after the fantastic facilities offered by the excellent "with it" council of Shepparton. There is a sort of pathway to town, but you use it at your peril, as on our visit three nasty goats were tethered right across the path. GSM and CDMA both worked fine. Roads were all bitumen with fairly high gutters, so watch your diff. Very small sites and totally unsuitable for motorhomes over 8 metres - even these must be parked across two sites. No drive through or ensuites. Laundry OK at a very reasonable $2.40 per load and drying $1.00. Hot water to two sinks. Ironing board, but you must get the iron from the office. Showers were fair - only one clothes hook, but they did have a bench and shower curtain. We liked the idea of providing a mop and bucket - a nice touch. The peacock painting on the screen outside the gents was absolutely delightful. We liked the sliding door idea making access for those wheelchair bound so much easier and dignified.


Wangaratta has a wonderful wood fired Pizza restaurant with unusual toppings. Parking is DIFFICULT! The best bet for caravanners and long rigs wanting to roam around the city, is outside the Primary School - up till 3:15 PM only. Huge shopping centre with easy access and plenty of parking. A powered site in April 2005 cost $22.00. There is no way we will ever return to this park until there is a change of management. If it hadn't been for the magnificent peacocks roaming around at dusk we would have driven straight out! Please feel free to email us if your experience was different to ours and we will publish your findings here.

Hema 42 C 7

GPS S 36 20.659 E 146 20.183


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