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Yarramalong Weir - Western Queensland
Free Camping

This is rather a magic spot and yes it is all 100% free. We first visited it on a safari with 31 other motorhomers, although the pictures used here don't show all the RVs. Lots of good shade trees and even flushing toilets! This is a low rainfall area so there is not a lot of grass.


Lots of lovely birdsong in the morning. Motorhomers know how to entertain! Above Shirley on a Technics top of the range keyboard and "Adagio" on an electric banjo entertained us for hours. The power by the way was all provided courtesy of the sun!


The sunsets are quite stunning as it is just so flat. You can walk/ride for miles, so yes it is a good spot for exercising. Fires are allowed, but you do need to bring your own wood as firewood is in very short supply with no nearby forested areas.


The road in is mostly gravel and you do need to take your time as it can get corrugated at times. It is sign posted, but only a teenie weenie sign, so best to drive slowly - very close to the servo at Pampas - turn into Fishers Road, then onto Road 96. We have been here after heavy rain, so be warned that it can get a little boggy. Totally quiet at night, but it is sometimes used as a short cut by the locals.

Absolutely recommended

Bob & Chrissy Eustace

Hema 7 H 10
Camps Australia Wide 3 651 Page 67
GPS S 27 50 07 E 151 27 02



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