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Lifestyle is what we are all about on this site! We haven't met anyone yet who wants to sit home and vegetate! There is so much to do out there - whether it be in the real outback, in the rainforests, in the mountains or on the beaches. This country is ours is just there waiting for us to explore it to its fullest.

Have you ever taken an overseas visitor for a trip around your home state? Weren't they amazed at the distances? Sydney to Perth is the equivalent of London to Moscow! How many little countries would you have passed through in Europe when in Australia you only go through three of our seven states!

So in this huge section, which is a normal website within itself, we share with you some of the places CMCA members visit. We also include profiles about fellow motorhomers - their rigs - why they chose the motorhome lifestyle - recipes - in fact, anything which relates to the motorhome lifestyle - whether it is a casual touring lifestyle or a permanent on the road lifestyle. If you would like to share your stories with the rest of us, we would certainly welcome them.

So here's the start of this section. If you would like to give us your feedback, please visit our Guest Book at the bottom of all index/menu pages..

Campsites From all Over Australia
People - the Characters From the CMCA
Campervan and Motorhome Rigs
Recipes That Really Work in a Motorhome
Patchwork and All Things Crafty

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