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Entertaining Yourself on the Road - Music

Something often overlooked by those new to motorhoming, is entertaining yourself on the road. This particularly applies to those retiring and immediately travelling right around Oz, as you really do need to keep yourself occupied, particularly in campsites where there is no one to "havachat" too! Max Haines from Victoria always wanted to play keyboard, so when he retired he bought a Technics KN5000. We met Max at the Tasmanian Rally in 2004 and really showed him how to get more out of his keyboard. Most larger models have fantastic support on the Internet with lots of tips and user forums - Casio, Yamaha and Technics have the most info. You can download, usually for free, new sounds, samples, rhythms and most importantly styles, as these can feel like you have bought a new keyboard. Be aware that Technics are no longer making keyboards, nevertheless they are a good buy secondhand and there is a very large and loyal user base on the Internet. Casio make a very reliable product and always win on price over Yamaha. We use both ourselves, so there is no bias here!


Oh course you do need to work out where you will keep it. We keep our in the bin on our Winnebago. Max removed a couple of swivel lounge chairs and made the fantastic setup shown above - in a Winnebago - the best we have ever come across. The keyboard runs off 12 volt or an inverter and uses very little current. (2 amps) Small keyboards ideal for motorhome use can be purchased for under $200.00 with a $1000.00 getting you a really good unit that will serve you well for many years. There's one for sale for $150.00 at present (Nov 2004) in the office of CMCA Casino Village. Enquire at reception.


Pictured below is an excellent keyboard for motorhome use the Casio WK-3000 - non-intimidating too! It retails around $1295.00 and is a very popular middle of the range keyboard with excellent web support - simply email any questions to The big advantage with Casio is they are very light, making them ideal for RVs. There are about nine models in the current range.


One very interesting model the LK-90TV is set up for Karaoke and will even display the music on a normal TV screen - see the picture below. Great for those happy hours that go well into the night! This is easily the most advanced easy learning keyboard on the market. Foir instance if you are following music on the screen and you hesitate it tells you vocally which finger to use. At the end of the "lesson" it gives you a score so you know whether or not you are making progress. In yet another mode the keys light up to show which notes to play - this includes chords. Lots more info by clicking here. We recently went to a wonderful Karaoke night at Casino Village and everyone had a fantastic time. It seems to work best after a couple of ales! Funny that!!



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