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Stan & Maree Bennetts 33' Dryden Trailer Home As Good as it Gets!!

Well what a fantastic RV this one is! We were totally gob smacked. The fit out is just superb and of a world standard. It is quite a large trailer home at 33 foot and the feeling spaciousness is enhanced by the kitchen;lounge slide out. The final decals had not be fitted when the photos were taken but you have to admit it looks pretty good in naked white.


The photo below left shows the ample slide out. The rectangular door in the end wall is a special compartment to hold a Portaboat in total safety from road damage. Underneath this bin is another smaller compartment designed to hold fishing roads. In typical Dryden style it is all carpet lined!


Drydens use a totally different method of slide out control. We have all heard the horror stories of slide outs extending of their own accord whilst the vehicle is being driven at highway speeds. Well put simply this just can't happen as all switches are completely removed during travel. As a further aid to safety the slide out can only be operated from a position where it is in full view. The photo below shows the simple control used via a stock standard 7 pin trailer plug/socket arrangement. This same mechanism is used to raise and lower the hydraulic stays. Levelling this van is a breeze as each corner has a built in "spirit level", so you just "inch" the buttons until you reach level. In practice this all happens very quickly and you get the hang of it on just one use. In our view this is a far better, far more fool proof system than the completely automatic versions with their built in computers.


The highlight of this trailer home would have to be the most impressive entertainment system we have ever come across in an Australian RV regardless of cost. The heart of the system is a 42" Panasonic plasma TV. What sets this one apart is it can be viewed from both inside and outside the trailer home. The photo below left shows factory manager Paul Vanleeuwen swivelling the unit into the outside viewing mode. The rectangular box at the rear of the screen is actually a huge woofer. There is a separate JVC CD player directly under the screen. You would certainly be the most popular van at any campsite during Grand Final time!


The photo below left shows the very neat roller shutter in the closed position. The main purpose of this is to keep the bugs out at night. Directly above this is the Panasonic DVD/Surround Sound unit. Now the sound this set up puts out is outstanding - you really feel like you are actually there during action movies.


Now its no good having the best TV set up in the business if it can't be watched from a comfy chair. Well we are pleased to advise that you get the most from both worlds here as the lounge has a lovely high back with really deep cushions. Viewing from the large dining area is also quite pleasant.


This is a satellite TV controlled by an Oyster Dish ($6,500.00). Operation is completely automatic with no operator intervention needed whatsoever. It is fascinating to watch it self seek. It rotates 360 degrees then stops, alters the angle about 5 degrees and then rotates again. It keeps doing this until it receives a strong signal and then locks. However for those who want to have a "fiddle" you also get the remote control as pictured below to fine tune things if so desired.


Both the aerial photos show the unit stored ready for travel and in use mode. Length wise it takes less room than a standard Winegard aerial but it is a lot wider as it uses a large dish. We liked the fact that the unit folded very flat safe from overhead hazards. The unit had awning shades fitted - great for watching TV in the daytime if you don't want to stop the breeze by closing the blinds.


The attention to detail is everywhere you look in this RV. Below left is a really nice corrugated road proof special draw for your priceless wine! The photo at right is a close of the Portabote door mentioned at the top of this page.




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