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Don and Elizabeth's Airy LWB Coaster Conversion - A Truly Beautiful Example

Not bad at all for a first attempt at conversions! We first met Don and Elizabeth Jamieson at the Casino Village - we got "volunteered" into supervising parking on a busy market day! The conversion is on a 95 model LWB Toyota Coaster. Don used a very clever method to buy this vehicle. He found out that rental companies cannot sell a unit for more than the "residual value". So Don put his name down with Thrifty and Budget and ended up getting one for just $27,000.00 and only 135,000 kms.


Don and Lizzie wanted an open air feel in the coach so they opted to have nothing covering any windows. They choose two singles so as to have easy access to the wardrobe and toilet right down the back.


The kitchen area is truly terrific. We loved the glass holders. These came from Bunnings of all places. How about the fresh parsley? The window mullions were also left as is, but look good.


Don did nothing to the original ceiling lining. The photos below show the airyness. Don built all the cabinetry and of course bought in the cupboard doors. The stove and sink are both of the built in type to give even more bench space - plus they simply look very modern.


This unit is very, very social. You can easily sit four down for dinner in complete comfort. Notice how wide the table is? All you do is swing it out into the middle and the diners can then sit on either side of the bus. Don has had 8 people in there some nights! Must have something to do with the larger than normal beer fridge!




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