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John & Marcia Holbrook's
Mazda 3500 Conversion
Complete With Washing Machine, GPS,
and a Built In Webasto Diesel Heater!

This would have to be one of the best examples of a Mazda 3500 conversion we have come across. It belongs to John and Marcia Holbrook from East Risdon in Tasmania. We met John and Marcia at the CMCA Quercus Park rally in 2004 and again at the CMCA Casino Village where they proudly showed us over their new pride and joy. John had fitted a turbo but the extra power was lost once he started towing his vehicle via an A-Frame.


This conversion was done in Tasmania using a professional cabinet maker with John doing all supervising and the electrics etc. This is a very computer literate family and this motorhome has been built around computer requirements. The computer used is a Li'l Traveller. The screen is mounted above the drivers seat. The main box is mounted behind the drivers head. It is used to watch DVDs, to play and record CDs, watch TV via the inbuilt tuner and of course use as a normal computer. It has a remote keyboard.


This is a very social motorhome with two very comfy lounges right up the front. This area has a good swivel table and is a brilliant "happy hour" area! You can easily squeeze pass the table without removing anything. Notice the excellent thigh support on the lounges and the curved edges. Window coverings contain a mixture of 25 mm venetians and curtains. The kitchen has more bench space than all but the biggest Winnebagos! The oven fitted in perfectly and was text book in that it was right next to the door for easy access in case of fire.


The cabinets are all melamine 16 mm MDF with a dark grey "T" trim. Interestingly this motorhome used bulkheads between the cabinets. These were extended and therefore gave better support to the overhead cabinets. Anyone who has tried to "glue" overhead cabinets into Coaster style motorhomes knows that there isn't much there to screw onto! The photo below shows the bedroom area and if you look closely you will notice the Webasto heater outlet. The Webasto would have to be one of the best things we have ever fitted to our motorhome! Our advice to all Tasmanians is you just can't go wrong with one!




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