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Kel & Liz Johnstones - LWB Coaster Conversion in Tassie Oak - Absolutely Brilliant!!"

Please believe us, this is one beautiful piece of work! In fact the only other Coaster we have come across that comes even close to the joinery standard is the LWB Coaster - Cossack, done by Kel Banks. Layout is fairly standard with a dinette behind the drivers seat, sink and stove near the door, double bed right across the rear and a 150 litre fridge near the bed.


Attention to detail is apparent everywhere you look in this conversion and we will attempt top cover as many as we can here - there are just so many really good ideas. The photos below show the step detail. Some clever ideas at work here. The lovely Tassie Oak rear step actually hides a cable duct - hence the screws. The idea behind this is to avoid running 240 volt cables under the motorhome. Kel and Liz had the carpet professionally fitted by a mate, however Kel did all the final wooden trimming on the carpet. Incidentally Kel completely replaced all the plywood in the floor - a fairly large task. Note the cupboard door behind the entry door. This was made using 50 X 25 Tassie Oak and held together using a very clever jointing system called "pocket screwing". A 4mm slot was cut in all pieces before assembly and this holds in the Tassie Oak plywood. A very, very strong method of construction and far lighter than MDF with absolutely none of the disadvantages. All surfaces were finished in Wattyl Satin. The roof lining was left as standard.


The photo below right shows the extensive window mullion and sill detail. Kel used 4 X 1 Tassie Oak on the verticals. To accommodate for the "bend" Kel simply put two self tappers in the middle and screwed away until the board followed the contour of the window. It works a treat folks and really looks "Rolls Roycey"!!


An Electrolux separate stove and oven was chosen as Liz is a really good cook and just had to have an oven! The green shade toned in beautifully with the Tassie Oak. The table laminex colour can be seen in the photo above right.


Above right shows the fair sized wardrobe again with Kels pocket screwed doors - these by the way are far stronger than many of the commercial units available. We liked the clever simple cabinet just inside the door - on the outside of the pantry. This holds all the maps, books, pamphlets you need on the road. We liked the way this was all so close at hand with the dinette being directly opposite.



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