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Murray Arnold's Excellent Fuso Conversion - Absolutely Superb Bathroom + Washing Machine

Every now and again you stumble across a conversion that has many new ideas. We gave a talk on installing Lemaire washing machines in Winnebagos at the August Roving Weekend at the CMCA Casino Motorhome Village. Murray Arnold invited the group to come and have a peek at his efforts in a Fuso he had just converted. We were all very impressed as he had done the impossible and installed a machine in the bathroom. Not only that, the bathroom turned out to be the most open we have ever come across. In fact it was the only loo where one could actually sit and read as it was just so "airy" and open.


The washing machine sits to one side of the wider than normal shower recess. The top of course can be used for ironing/folding etc. One of the best bus laundry set ups we have ever come across - great stuff Murray!


Murray didn't want to spoil the outside good looks so he made the access door to the cassette toilet an internal affair. This is fairly common in commercial European motorhomes. Before going down this path though you do need to seriously consider how you will handle "overflows", particularly if you have a fixed carpeted floor.


The rear bedroom has two really wide singles and a very nice built in TV. We loved the brightly coloured curtains and the loads of storage.


The driving position is excellent with lots of attention to detail and a very nice timber edged dash. As Murray is a bit on the tall side he cunningly installed the aircon to one side. This set up avoided banging your head. You would never notice it was actually offset unless it was pointed out to you. The ceiling was completely lined with boot liner - looked very nice and gave it a good finish.



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