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Carolyne and Rogers LWB Coaster Review
Superb Bathroom and a Very Social Unit

If we are truly honest most of us will admit that we got our first motorhome purchase totally wrong. Usually with Coasters we all tend to neglect the social aspect of motorhoming. Its just no fun having a conversion that will only seat two people. Having guests sitting on your bed is definitely not good etiquette. For starters lets say we were totally impressed with this Tasmanian conversion done by Collyn Hills of CP Motorhomes. Collyn readily admits that all of the colour scheme was Carolyns work and he told us he did get a bit worried initially. However the motorhome turned out a little beauty and he now "thinks outside the square"! Make no mistake - this is one top quality conversion and will satisfy the most discerning purchaser.


Collyn took his medicine and removed the total head lining and replaced it with a melamine finished ply. Yes there are a few exposed screws but these in no way detract from the overall appearance. It is not a "go for show" lining either as it carries on behind the cupboards and into spots you don't even see. The area above the driver has been well utilised and has several handy shelves for knickknacks. The photo above right shows a very clever innovation. It is very hard to fit an aircon into a LWB Coaster. This clever solution places the unit inside a cupboard mounted just behind the passengers seat.


The photo above left shows the outlet. The photo above right shows the beautiful clean lines of the white ceiling. Carolyn tried to keep a "monochrome" feel to this motorhome and she succeeded brilliantly.


The proud owners are pictured above. A standard security style door was fitted into a frame. The door is actually much wider than those found on most commercial motorhomes.


The photos above show the very clean outside lines. Bikes on the back does create a small boot access problem. White melamine coated 16 mm MDF was used throughout. Lots of good ideas here as well. Note the bulkhead in the photo below left. This allows shorter cupboard modules and makes installation a breeze. Many DIY builders fail to realise that it is very difficult to feed full length overhead cupboards through the boot opening! Another clever idea is the chamfers on the edges of all cupboard doors. This gave a very pleasing effect and not tooooooo difficult to do. The fridge was mounted up front behind the driver. The front seats don't swivel.




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