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Ron and Aileen Penfold's
Best Motorhome in Australia

This is a review of what, in our humble opinion for what that's worth, is simply the best coach conversion motorhome in Australia. We could qualify that further in that it is easily the best motorhome we have ever seen regardless of cost! Absolutely no expense has been spared to make this an extremely liveable and very "social" RV. Ron and Aileen are very experienced converters and Ron lectured on this subject at the CMCA rally at Toowoomba and at Casino Village. Now if you get the chance please try to attend one of his seminars as he is a brilliant speaker. If you have no intention of ever builder a motorhome, please just go along for the dazzling entertainment!

To start with, let's have a bit of history about this particular coach. Ron and Aileen purchased it from their local coach company in Taree. It started life in 1987 as a Denning Landseer. At the time they brought it home, it had only 300,000 kms on the clock - virtually nothing for a vehicle of that quality, powered by an 8-92 Detroit D-deck, all fully electronically controlled, with a 6 speed manual gearbox.


All the interior was gutted, the roof was raised, all body work and paint was done by Evan Isaacs at Coachworks Queensland. The layout was all Aileen's design - many hours of drawing up her options to scale and then handed onto Jacana at Taree for creating the masterpiece you will see as you progress through this story. All under floor design and installation was by Ron himself - Aileen reckons he is at his happiest when working away under the floor, out in his shed! This is a full coach conversion so you do have to go up a few steps. The driving cockpit is very well laid out. Directly behind it is the passenger's swivel leather seat. This is the control centre for touring as all the CDs live here as well as the GPS system.


The rear vision TV is mounted on the dash. Behind the driver is a wonderful computer set up. All the extras such as scanner and printer are conveniently stored in the beautifully finished cabinet. Once again a luxurious leather swivel chair.


Next comes the dining area. Some very clever design here. Due to a novel drop down table it is possible to easily seat eight adults for formal dining. Once again everything is plush leather. The scatter cushions really set it all off. The superb lustre finish of the cherrywood timber needs to be seen to be believed. It is just pure class!

The only entry point is via the front passenger side door. Being airbag suspension it is extremely easy to lower the front to make access so much easier. A special screen door is in the pipeline. The photo above left was taken at Casino Village - shows Judy Moran saying goodbye to Aileen and Ron, returning home after a visit to the Village!




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