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Ron & Aileen's Review - continued . . .

Truly the "innards" of this coach will give anyone into engineering at all, instant goose bumps! The attention to detail is simply amazing! Ron would have to be a "Virgo" as everywhere you gaze you see perfection! (Sorry Bob's wrong - Ron is a Taurean - they still want perfection! says Chrissy!) Stainless steel is used wherever possible, and would you believe all welds are ground and polished! Other things only appreciated by experienced motorhomers, are lips on the top of all flat surfaces, so that items don't move around as much on corrugated roads.


The generator is an Onan with its own separate starting battery - a very good move in our view. Note how all 240 volt cables are in PVC conduit. We liked the clever idea shown on the right photo above. Mounting a switch on the lid of the junction box is a brilliantly simple idea and so effective and low cost. The PVC pipes hold the black water hoses so there is no chance of odours escaping into the interior. The pipes also house the tent poles and wheel changing gear.

There is also a ducted vacuum cleaner situated in the same bin as the generator. This makes housework a breeze for Aileen - no wonder Landseer always looks immaculate.


All bins have gas struts fitted. Note the posh lining! The photo above left shows the excellent AK Reels automatic retractable fresh water hose reels plus an air hose! You simply can't buy a better product in Australia. Even though the coach has its own air compressor for the air bag suspension system Ron has opted for a "spare" for inflating tyres and general cleaning - you just can't beat high pressure air for getting rid of dust.


The photo above left is the heart of the beast! Fantastically easy access. Ron told us that he prefers to pay a bit extra and buy lower mileage units. The photo above left shows more attention to detail and safety. All the oils, fuel for generator etc. are stored in a sealed metal chest. Very neat and it also gets rid of any greasy/oily odours.


The photos above are the controls for the black water. This is where the incredible experience gained after building four coaches really comes to the fore. Rather than rely on gravity you can pump out the black water tank by means of a mascerator pump. When you want to purge the system the large Valterra connection is used. More attention to detail - all tanks have a very large inspection hatch on top. Ron thought about using the American idea of installing flushing sprinklers but opted instead for the hatch idea.


The plumbing just gives you goose bumps on this rig. All the pipes are colour coded and above all EASY ACCESS. We have come across commercial units where outside walls have had to be cut to gain access to fittings choked with sediment - we are talking $250K plus rigs here toooooo! Dual pumps are used in case of failure in the outback. Air conditioning is provided by a Mitsubishi split system hidden well away inside a bin.


The BBQ and outside entertainment centre is simply the best we have ever seen! Everything "slides" out, most bits are in stainless steel and over engineered to the extent that they will never fail. The entertainment centre consists of an LCD screen, DVD and simulated surround sound complete with a huge woofer.


The car carrying trailer is quite spectacular. It has an electrically assisted boat loading/unloading system requiring very little intervention by the operator - great for those with bad backs. The trailer contains a complete laundry including sink, washing machine, drying lines and the mandatory ironing board! Bicycles stay on the back of the 4WD.


Ron and Aileen are salt of the earth motorhomers. The fantastic property shown above left is one tiny part thrown open to fellow motorhomers for chapter weekends. The dam is over 1/2 km long and is 40 feet deep and absolutely perfect for swimming. The photo above right shows what ingenious coach builders do with all those coach windows they no longer need! Below left shows a tiny part of the "shed" used for maintaining the coach. It even has a metal lathe. Now before you all race out and start converting your own coach please have a little think about just where you would store it. The "shed" shown below right is all needed to house the coach and its car carrying trailer.


In summing up we really can't heap too much praise on this magnificent example of what motorhoming can be like if you combine a zillion good ideas with brilliant engineering. It truly sets a new benchmark in quality, high end vehicles which others could have problems matching. If it ever comes on the secondhand market it would surely be the best buy in Australia for anyone looking for the ultimate motorhome. In our view the best America has (such as in 'Meet the Fokkers") pales into insignificance in comparison. !! Maybe Hollywood would have been better off using Ron and Aileen's coach? Far more impressive!

STOP PRESS!! A little bird at Hannam Vale told us there is a chance this magnificent coach will be up for sale in September. Why? Well - when this little bird flew over the other day he saw a big new coach with a mid-mounted engine sitting outside the shed. Could this be the next challenge for an innovative coach converter??? Bookmark this page if you're interested in future updates.



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