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iPod Transmitter for your RV
Best RV Music Solution yet!
Introducing the Belkin Tunebase

Many RVers have discovered the fantastic convenience of storing 1000 songs on the Mini iPod costing under $300.00. Till now the big drawback is having to use headphones. The Belkin changes all that by incorporating a built radio transmitter and method of charging the inbuilt batteries. You simple plug into the vehicle cigarette lighter socket, turn on your FM radio and "tune in". It works by transmitting a weak digital radio signal - range about 10 metres. Now you can pick this signal up anywhere in your RV and from outside as well just by tuning in a portable radio. Costs vary between $79.95 to $89.95 - Dick Smiths or Harvey Norman. More info on this page. Note that several other methods are available. The Tunecast II for instance lets you broadcast from your laptop enabling thousands of songs. Another version drops into a cup holder. The Tunebase is the latest version and has been so popular that Dick Smith are taking back orders only! Using the Tunebase you leave all your CDs at home and you really don't even need a CD player in your car.


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