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Biomagic Toilet Chemicals
The Best Solution
If You Care About the Environment

Since we last looked at Biomagic there has only been a minor change. It is now available in a slightly fragranced variety and it has the slighest of green colour. The Australian manager Jacquie Harris proudly shows off the new product below. If you care about the environement this is the ideal chemical of choice. It can safely be put into a septic system, as it simply accelerates decomposition. Many products on the Australian market are simply very strong deodorants - you end up hating the smel of the chemical more than the stuff you are trying to "mask". Others, particularly those using formaldehyde, simply "preserve" the contents - yes it's the same product used for embalming and preserving your appendix in a bottle. Biomagic MUST be measured. It's a shame it's not marketed in an easy to dose bottle, like one other brand on the market. It works fantastically well in cassettes in "virgin" condition. If you use it in an old tank, then it must be scrubbed clean with a toilet brush etc. It is a good move to put a double strength brew in the cassette and stand it on its end for three days or more. If you have been to South Australia chances are your tank will have crusty evil looking sediment deposits. Rather amazingly these mostly fall away with just this simple soaking. It also does wonders for the main seal and removes all those white powdery deposits. We also put 100 ml into our sullage tank each month and leave it in there with the tank full for around a week. When you open the valve you will find the water totally clear with zero odour. Rather amazing stuff! Also keeps ants away if sprayed on the wheels.


Toilet cleaning is best done using Biomagic in a spray bottle. It will NOT work if you clean your toilet bowl with Pine-O-Clean etc. Many new RVers only do number ones in their toilet. Biomagic does not like this at all, and the contents will get a rancid smell particularly if the toilet is used infrequently and the weather is hot. Stopping this happening is dead easy. Simple put in a teaspoon of dirt, a tablespoon of yoghurt or one of those good guy bacteria capsules available from health food shops. The after sales help from Jacquie is absolutely first class and anyone with problems should contact her via the Biomagic website.


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