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Camps Australia Wide 3 & Camps Snaps

Simply the best Camping Guides for Aussie travellers that money can buy! That's the best description we can give you!

We were totally gob smacked with the fantastic new editions of these books - there is simply no comparison with the previous issues and nothing else available in Australia comes remotely close. It truly gets you so fired up - you want to get straight out there on the road! Camp Snaps is a brilliant idea and really helps with planning. Some camps get two photos to give you an even better feel for the place and of course they are all in full colour. The indexing between books is excellent and it is very easy to browse an area and easily relate it to the campsite listing or the general map.

Of course, the biggest improvement is the inclusion of the complete Hema Australian Road Atlas - you virtually get this normally $24.95 book thrown in for free. The maps contain symbols indicating overnight sites, day use rest stops and budget caravan parks. Route planning is an absolute dream as all the info is right in front of you - even detail such as fruit fly areas. This is all noted on the maps and in such a way that you just can't miss it. Have a look around the Broken Hill area for instance. If you were travelling to Adelaide you can see where you are going to lose all your fruit and veges, plus just where you can camp and, of course, where the zone ends and you can repurchase supplies. Many of us fruit as a major part of a healthy breakfast so this sort of info is excellent. The main guide is now in full colour making the wonderful symbol system much easier for oldies to read. For those upgrading from the earlier editions, especially Camps 1, you will find the descriptions and directions have improved out of sight. The Website continues to list all the latest updates and to the credit of the authors updates are also regularly made to Versions 1 and 2.

CDMA Phone Reception Areas
The inclusion of CDMA phone reception at the listed camps is a brilliant idea. For anyone running a business on the road, this feature alone is simply invaluable - you just can't put a price on it. It's also a great peace of mind feature for "nervous" campers and of course anyone with medical problems. If mobile phone contact is critical for you, we suggest that you check as soon as you arrive at a site, as coverage is not always available all over the site. It should be remembered that Phil and Helene spent more than nine months travelling to produce these new editions and also enlist the help of other travellers to compile the book so variations are to be expected due to different performance of phone networks. We couldn't get any signal on a hand held at Casino South Rest Area - however using the car kit we could. Similarly at Telegraph Point near the bridge. However, we put more trust/faith in the info in Camps 3 than using the sad maps put out by the telcos. At least with Camps books, you know that a real live human has actually stood there and tested the signal strength. Full marks to the author for this excellent initiative.

What We Would Like in Version 4!
Don't get us wrong here - the books are tops in their present form. We think an index for the maps would be appreciated. Now we will get howled down for this but how about including a TV icon so we can keep in touch with the news?

Summing Up
Look - please don't
"save money" by only getting the camping guide, as really the books are inseparable. You will EASILY recoup the cost of both books with just weeks travelling on the road.

We absolutely recommend these truly Australian books! You simply can't go wrong!

Bob & Chrissy Eustace

July 2005

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