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Dahon Folding Bike - the Market Leader

This would have to be the best money can buy and there is one unit on the market at twice the price. It fits easily into an entry level Winnebago bin or even under a bed. It is beautifully made and is the result of many model improvements over the years. The rear parcel rack comes as standard and is very handy. The photo bottom right shows a drink bottle fitted and a strong lock. It is not a mountain bike but is really at home on typical forest tracks. More expensive bikes use complicated gears, one sided forks and suspension. For motorhomers this means MORE WEIGHT and complication. THe chain is well guarded and you can operate it wearing long pants/slacks. Having mudguards means you can wear a white T-shirt!

Folding up takes about 30 seconds - raise handle bars - drop handle bars, fold both pedals - lower seat - bend in middle. It holds together with a small magnet. Don't be put off by the 20" wheels - it is very stable and no different than riding a full size bike. It has 6 gears - very easy to operate and adjust. The brakes work exceptionally well. The seat as with most bikes can give you a sore behind! Most users end up with a "jelly" seat overlay - about $25.00.


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