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Puncture Proof Your Tyres Against Thorns

This would have to be one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread. Thorns in Victoria are a never ending headache for those taking their exercise on a bike. It is not uncommon to experience three punctures a day! Slime solves the problem. You remove the valve using the tool supplied, place the plastic tube supplied on the valve stem and simply squeeze half the contents into the tube. Replace the valve and inflate to normal pressure. Quickly spin the wheel for a minute or so to spread the "slime". The wheel shown below actually had three punctures. The "slime" fixed them all and the bike was used immediately. Available from most Victorian bike shops - under $20.00. This is by far the cheapest way of solving the "thorn" problem and is a long lasting solution. Be aware that "slime" can corrode alluminium rims if allowed to stay in contact with them. It washes off in water by the way.


Special thanks to Mal Hills of High Street Cycles, 145 High Stret, Shepparton, Vic (03) 5831 2388 for all the help finding out about "Slime" and Thorn Resistant Tubes and "funny" size tyres!


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