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Dometic Vacuum Flush Toilet VT 2500

Make no mistake this product represents the turning point in toilets for RVs. Thetford have had this market virtually to themselves for years and this is possibly why we have seen little design innovation. The Dometic gives a fresh new approach. No chemicals whatsoever are needed, extra water tanks not needed, it flushes using vacuum, the cassette can be up to 8 metres away, you can have a fixed tank with electric pump out, vitreous china bowl. This product ends once and for all odour smells in the bathroom as it just can't happen. Flushing uses .4 litres. Power requirement


The cassette is a beautiful piece of engineering. The capacity is 14 litres - easy to carry. It plugs into what Dometic call a "cassette base". This can be located just about anywhere. Each piece weighs 3 kg with the bowl assembly coming in at 6.5 kg. The unit only requires 1.5 amps at 12 volts for up to 70 seconds after flushing. The waste is broken down because of the high velocity vacuum flushing action. The only drawbacks appear to be almost twice the price of Thetford and a minor weight penalty. We will be featuring a DIY article shortly as Garry Dryden is fitting one into his latest trailer home.



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