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Griffin iTrip - Wirelessly Connect Your iPod to Any Radio

Many RVers have discovered the fantastic convenience of storing 1000/4000 songs or more on the iPod costing upwards from $300.00. Till now the big drawback was having to use headphones. The Griffin changes all that by incorporating a built radio transmitter using your iPods battery. Turn on your FM radio and "tune in". It works by transmitting a weak but very clear digital radio signal - range about 10 metres. Now you can pick this signal up anywhere in your RV and from outside as well just by tuning in a portable radio. Costs vary between $40.00 & $60.00. It's clear that the iTrip is made specifically for the iPod. This gives iTrip advantages over similar devices. For example, with the iTrip, you can have the cleanest possible signal - because you can choose any radio station on the dial to tune for the best performance possible. You do this by 'playing' special station codes directly from the iPod itself. Another advantage of the iTrip is that it needs no batteries - it receives its tiny amount of power from the iPod. The Original iTrip can even rotate out of the way to charge the iPod while still in use. No more batteries ever again. There’s not even a power switch – just plug it in and go. It shuts off automatically after 60 seconds of silence - just like the iPod. The iTrip is the ultimate accessory for the iPod because it allows you to share the music and share the fun beyond your headphones.

NOTE: For those new to the iPod concept it should be noted that you CANNOT use USB to load songs. However, if your computer has a Firewire connection available then it will work fine.


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