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This page lists almost everything new in the RV world. As items are added in the general catergories below they will be flagged with a New button - just follow the links after clicking on the copper button on the left of each category. You may find expanded stories in the Innovations section as the ideas develop. If you are a regular visitor to this site, you can easily check on the latest updates by clicking here.


Awnings and Annexes
Battery Chargers
Batteries - Meters
Electrical - Lighting - Entertainment - iPod etc.
Fridges and Controls
Gas - Detectors - Bottles - Cooking - BBQ's
Gadgets - Chemicals and Other Stuff!
Inverters - 12 volt DC to 240 volt AC
Road Service - Medical Emergency
Toilets - Cassettes - Vacuum Flush
TV - DVD - Video - Monitors - TV Aerials - Satellite - Hire
Vehicles - Chassis - New Models - MH Care
Water - Filters - Pumps - Fittings
Working on the Road
Windows - Blinds - Curtains - Security Doors

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