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Karaoke Microphone - Fantastic for Chapter Weekends - Needs No Computer

This incredible gadget is just fantastic for Chapter weekends as it needs no computer, floppy disks, memory sticks and the like. We came across it at the Gippslanders Rally at Moe in March 2005. You simply plug it into any TV with the leads supplied. In this case the Chapter had a video data projector so it worked on a really large screen.


Many Karaoke programs use illegal copies of the music. In this case it is all fully licensed and the songs come on a small cassette costing under $100 for over 700 songs. The "silver" model holds three cartridges. Everything is operated from the mike using a small LCD screen. It is truly is a breeze to use and we mastered it in about 2 minutes! Technically there is no difference in the silver and black models - just the silver is a lot "sleeker"!


As you buy more cartridges you get more access to the song lists in the excellent manual. You can run off AA batteries or use the supplied plug pack. The unit also transmit FM radio is you happen to have a cordless mike set up. You can also have "scenes" as you sing to the lyrics on the screen. We did not test this but it has a "vocorder" function. This lets you harmonise your own voice making you sound a lot better than you actually are! You normally only come across this feature on high end Yamaha keyboards in the $7,000.00 price bracket. You can order online at Cost comes in around $300 landed.



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