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Samito Alloy Folding Bike - Spring Suspension
$199.00 on Ebay!

These are brand new, full alloy folding bikes with Shimano 6 speed index Revo gears and 20" alloy wheels. The weight is only 11kg making them ideal for motorhomers trying to keep load weight down. The rear suspension frame guarantees a very comfortable ride in most conditions - particularly forest tracks. Gear change is easy and silky smooth thanks to Shimano Revo shift gear technology. This bike is very easy to operate, designed to be user friendly and very reliable. You can fold it away and put into a spare bin. This sort of suspension folding bike is rare to find in a traditional bike shop under $1200.00 and it's normal retail price is $559, More info on this page about eCycle-Bay. You can see a typical auction page here.


Worried about using Ebay? Zero problems. We use it all the time and have saved a lot of money over the last couple of years. Give it a go!


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