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Uniden 301 GPS Road Safety Warning System

At unbelievably under $300 this unit could pay for itself the first time you have a "seniors moment" and don't see a sign. Now we don't own one of these yet but it is very high on the list! We couldn't find a download for the manual and no site explains how the GPS navigation section works. Nevertheless it is only one third of the price of the UK Angel 2 system and as all RVers already though anything made by Uniden is absolutely top quality. So the following is the manufacturers blurb. We have however seen it in the flesh and it looks very spunky and isn't overly complicated to drive! Even if you already own a top quality GPS your existing unit will not perform the same safety functions as the Uniden. Unlike the Angel, the unit is NOT a radar detector as such and only lets you know when you are approaching a fixed speed/red light camera.

GPS Road Safety Warning System

Early Warning Safety System –Nationwide Coverage

- Protect your loved ones and your licence
- 3 stage visual and audible warning system to maximise safety
- Speed camera warning
- Red-light camera warning
- Black spot warning
- Over speed alert

Global Positioning System (GPS) Technology:

- GPS direction to more than 5000 preprogrammed Australian and New Zealand cities and suburbs
- Mark and delete up to 500 of your own personal locations, speed camera, red-light camera or black spot locations
- Flash memory for points of interest and warning location database.
- Database updates via the Internet

Trip Computer

- Display current speed
- Determine average trip speed
- Record maximum speed
- Calculate estimated time to reach destination
- Built-in electronic compass with GPS coordinates

Lots of info using Google of course and you can get a little bit more info on the Uniden Australian website at

UPDATE 13/5/05

Hi Bob,

The Garmin I have [GPS II+] from a few years back works a treat and I sometimes use it with a program called Fugawi which allows use of any maps, including pages from street directories if needed. As you observed, the connectors are quite 'peculiar' making it necessary to pay plenty for their own cables. Fortunately it uses a standard RS232 connector making a laptop interface easy - even with an USB adaptor.

On the subject of speed alert, sometime ago I purchased a VDO device requiring hard wiring to the digital speedo - bit frightening. I hassled Mercedes over a period of 12 months and collected some helpful circuit info such that I was able to tap into the instrument cluster successfully. Now I just set the required speed and get a series of beeps when I drift over it - like one does in a Merc. The dashboard comes off easily - once you know where the 4 screws are located, followed by 2 more for the instrument cluster.

The trip to Sydney return is scheduled for next week and I'll let you know how good the data base is for the GPS Guider. Pretty good for Brisbane metro. Sent an email to GPS Guider suggesting the addition of a speed alert using software but so far no acknowledgement.

Don't really care now since I installed the VDO unit and I'm happy with the way it works, just drive at the required speed limit and then press 'Set' - too easy.

I can give you chapter and verse on the VDO if you want it.

Cheers, John



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